CTS Ph.D. Student Anngela Adams Receives Appointment to Integrative Cancer T32

Monday, December 5, 2022 - 1:45pm

We are happy to announce that CTS Ph.D. student and M.D./Ph.D. program scholar Anngela Adams has been appointed to the T32 Integrative Cancer training grant supported by the National Cancer Institute.  Following her initial two years of medical training at the College of Medicine-Phoenix, Anngela began work on her Ph.D. in Fall 2020 under the mentorship of Dr. Karen Hastings.  Her appointment to the T32 is in recognition of the success of her research in the Hastings lab, which has already earned Anngela multiple first-author publications and research grants from the American Skin Association and the Histochemical Society, as well as her excellent academic performance.

Anngela reflected on her appointment to the T32, stating: “Receiving the competitive Cancer Biology T32 will fund the remainder of my Ph.D. training. During my Ph.D., I created a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) murine model that recapitulates human disease. I am using this model to investigate the role of neoantigen-specific T cell populations in cSCC to improve responses to current and novel immunotherapies.” 

Please join us in congratulating Anngela on her T32 appointment!