All CTS graduate students work with a faculty mentor who advises the student and guides their dissertation or thesis research.  The links below are a first step for a CTS student to learn which faculty members in Tucson and Phoenix are doing research on specific topics. 

Students are encouraged to reach out to any faculty member whose research is of interest to explore the prospects of doing a rotation in the faculty member's laboratory and potentially asking the faculty member to serve as mentor for the student's CTS degree program.  A faculty member who is considering becoming a CTS mentor can review the "Advice for CTS Faculty Mentors" document available here.

View the UA Health Sciences research underway in Tucson by research center, or search all UA faculty by research area (i.e. key word).

View the UA Health Sciences research opportunities in Phoenix (search by key word), or search Phoenix faculty by research area.



Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building at Phoenix Biomedical Campus (opened Feb. 2017)   Bioscience Research Laboratories building at UA-Tucson (completed December 2017)