CTS Ph.D. Student Lizzy Rasmussen Offers Brain Health Podcast and Newsletter

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 10:15am

Clinical Translational Sciences Ph.D. student Lizzy Rasmussen has created a podcast and newsletter focusing on brain health and cognitive care, in collaboration with her colleague Brian Browne.  Ms. Rasmussen's doctoral research is examining the assocations between sleep health and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and intergenerational trauma.  The podcast and newsletter cover a broader scope of topics as she notes below:

"The Brain Health 365 Podcast is an exciting podcast focusing on innovative, holistic, and integrative approaches to brain health and aging. Co-hosts Brian Browne, a national brain health expert and neuro-nutritionist, and Lizzy Rasmussen, a faculty member at Arizona State University and researcher interested in examining the role of stress and trauma in disease, discuss wide-ranging topics that focus on principles for brain health. Topics include nutrition, sleep, movement, stress, resiliency, social connection, cardiometabolic health, mental wellbeing, brain injury, memory, and more. Brian and Lizzy are passionate about rethinking aging, prevention, treatment, and brain health. This podcast was created to give you vetted information needed to assist you in aging well whether you’re thirty-seven, fifty-seven, or eighty-seven. Brain Health 365 is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts

The Cognitive Care - Neuro Nutrition™ Newsletter is a free monthly digital subscription that provides education, resources, and tools to optimize healthspan and lifespan. Editor in Chief Brian Browne and Contributing Author Lizzy Rasmussen highlight science-based approaches to aging well both physically and mentally. Past newsletter topics include Trauma and Cognitive Decline, The Impact of Alcohol on Health and Aging, Cracking the Code Between Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Brain Health, The Role of Sleep in Brain Health, and more. Click here to subscribe!"