Brett Colson

Associate Professor - Tucson

Dr. Brett Colson received his B.S. in molecular biology (2004), M.S. in physiology (2006), and Ph.D. in physiology under Dr. Richard Moss (2009) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Colson’s postdoctoral training in biochemistry and biophysics (2010-2015) was with Dr. David Thomas at the University of Minnesota. The research goal of the Colson lab (est. 2015) at the University of Arizona is to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating contractile function of healthy cardiac muscle and to determine the culprits of contractile dysfunction and remodeling in cardiovascular disease. The long-term goal of the lab is to apply these new insights to design novel therapies. Dr. Colson and his lab use biophysical approaches, such as time-resolved spectroscopy with fluorescent probes to assess protein structural dynamics in solution or in muscle cells. He is currently the PI of funded awards from the NIH and Sarver Heart Center. Dr. Colson is dedicated to training the next generation of muscle biophysicists.

Research Interests: 
Biomedical engineering
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science
Drug discovery
Molecular medicine
Precision medicine