Inna Gladysheva

Professor - Phoenix

Translational research interests:

Lab: translational research is focused on the molecular and pathophysiologic mechanisms of cardiomyopathy, heart failure and concurrent complications. Specifically, we are interested in proteases and hormones as potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets for cardiovascular diseases, in particular in modulating progression of cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Research combines animal, biochemical and cell culture approaches, and clinical research.

Major long-term goal of the lab: translational research is to delay or prevent transition from pre-symptomatic (cardiomyopathy) to symptomatic heart failure. Still, little is known about the predictors (biomarkers) and effectors (bio-targets) for this transition. Toward this major goal we are interested in:

  • Biomarkers/bio-targets defining transition
  • Mechanisms responsible for alteration of biological pathways associated with transition
  • Preventive potential of dietary, pharmacologic & genetic interventions and impact of lifestyle
  • Sex-related alteration of this transition
  • Precise consideration of the individual’s biomarker profile and sex

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Research Interests: 
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science