Justin Lara

M.S. Student - Tucson

Background: 6 years U.S Army with deployment to Afghanistan, 4 years in Law enforcement before going back to school where I obtained an AA degree in Clinical research Coordinator of Applied Science, a BS in Career Technical Education in Science, and a BS Environmental Natural Resource and Conservation Protection.  Worked in clinical research for now 5 years. Currently work at the UofA in the College of Medicine in Emergency Medicine as the research coordinator, scientific analyst, and project manager.

Research interest and activities: Working history in investigational drug and medical device studies taught me that I want to do something better.  Working in current position and having the opportunity to see and work with prehospital EMS, I have the ability to see and make change before worsening of conditions.  I hope to be able to focus on prehospital care and help change care for the better.

Goals: My overall goal is to obtain my Ph.D and also go to PA school if opportunity comes about so I can obtain a life style that I see best for my 2 daughters and my wife.

Personal information: Father of 2 amazing daughters and a husband, a combat veteran, and a people person. I grew up here in Tucson, Arizona and rode/raced motocross all my life and always been an outdoor type person. I truly enjoy being in the mountains with forest vegetation while also loving being able to walk an ocean beach line searching, watching, studying the movement of sea life.