Michael Grandner

Associate Professor - Tucson

Dr. Grandner is a licensed clinical psychologist board-certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. He is director of the Sleep and Health Research Program and the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic. His research focuses on (1) understanding downstream impacts of insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality on cardiometabolic and neurocognitive outcomes, and mechanisms of these relationships, (2) clarifying upstream social, environmental, and behavioral determinants of sleep and sleep disparities, and (3) developing and implementing novel real-world intervenions for sleep health. these include behavioral, technological, and pharmacological approaches.

He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and has won awards for his research from the Sleep Research Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, American Heart Association, Sleep Research Network, and other organizations. He is an elected fellow of both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Heart Association. He serves on the editorial boards of the journals SLEEP, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Journal of Sleep Research, Frontiers in Neurology: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, and is Associate Editor of Sleep Health. He is the editor of the main textbook in the field, "Sleep and Health."

Dr. Grandner received a BA in Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology from the University of Rochester, MS in Clinical Psychology from San Diego State University, and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego. He completed his APA-accredited internship at the San Diego VA Healthcare System. He went on to postdoctoral fellowships in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also earned a Masters in Translational Research (MTR) degree. His work has been funded by the NIH (NHLBI, NIEHS, NIMHD) and other organizations.

Research Interests: 
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science
Nutritional science
Precision medicine
Sleep and circadian science