Rachel Rowe

Research Assistant Professor - Phoenix

Rachel Rowe, PhD, is an assistant professor with the Translational Neurotrauma Research Program, whose research is focused on the ongoing struggle to maintain physiological homeostasis in the context of traumatic brain injury and aging. She specializes in investigating the disruption of sleep mediated by central and peripheral inflammation. Identifying the role of inflammation in regulating sleep disturbances is expected to translate clinically to improved treatment of patients with a brain injury by reducing the burdens of the injury that are associated with poor quality of life.

She is a leader in translational models of sleep disturbances following acquired neurological injury and has presented her research globally, including in Brazil, Canada, South Africa, South Korea and the Netherlands. She also received a Society for Neuroscience Exchange awarded by the Neuroscience Global Affairs Committee to present her findings at the Japan Neuroscience Conference. Her research and efforts have been internationally recognized; she received a Young Investigator Award from the International Brain Injury Association at the World Congress on Brain Injury.

  • Research scientist, Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and health scientist, Phoenix VA Healthcare System.
  • Ongoing research projects include:

- Sleep and inflammation

- Puberty and TBI

  • Techniques include:

- Sleep

- Juvenile assessment

  • Publications on PubMed include: Novel TNF Receptor-1 Inhibitors Identified as Potential Therapeutic Candidates for Traumatic Brain Injury
Research Interests: 
Drug discovery
Sleep and circadian science