Saad Sammani

Ph.D. Student - Tucson

Upon receiving my medical degree and surgery residency, I decided to move to the USA where I had the opportunity to work with a well-recognized lung & critical care research group, Dr. Garcia’s group at the Johns Hopkins University. This experience gave me the opportunity to explore the world of medical research. The surgical skills I had acquired from residency allowed me to have a significant role in developing many pre-clinical models of lung injury along with enabling me to establish new techniques as well.

My main research focus is in endothelial biology, pulmonary vascular diseases, and ARDS/acute lung injury syndromes as well as lung transplantation in small & large animals. Within the research group, we sought to mechanistically characterize the regulation of pulmonary vascular function, with a particular emphasis on translational studies of lung diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, asthma, and ARDS. I moved with my group to the University of Chicago then to the University of Illinois (UIC) where I worked as a research assistant professor in the department of Medicine. I moved to the University of Arizona three years ago, where I found myself in a great institution with a plethora of talented researchers, an amazing scientific environment and many advanced programs. One of these programs that I found interesting was the Clinical Translational Sciences (CTS) master program and enrolled in 2017.


Faculty Mentor:  Joe G.N. Garcia, MD